Hyster-Yale Group Preferred Supplier

Maxion Wheels Matter

Top Supplier Award

Maxion Wheels’ forklift steel wheel plant in the Czech Republic has received the award “PREFERRED SUPPLIER 2016” from the Hyster-Yale Group (HYG) for its performance in supporting Hyster-Yale Americas, Hyster-Yale Europe and Hyster-Yale Aftermarket EMEA. HYG is the leading global provider of electric, warehousing and internal combustion engine lift trucks and aftermarket parts.

Hyster-Yale’s assessment involves criteria in competitiveness, communication, quality performance, quality management, product development, product availability, product supply and support.

The benefits of being a Preferred Supplier to HYG are significant and include:

  • First choice for new product development opportunities
  • Potential to increase business based on performance
  • Long term commitment via a Master Supply Agreement (MSA)
  • HYG senior management “TOP to TOP” review meetings may be held
  • Preferred supplier recognition