Training and Development

Maxion Wheels Matter

Our Global Training Philosophy and Initiatives

Maxion Wheels is committed to the development of its employees in all of its global locations because we know that motivated employees make for good business. We offer our employees opportunities to learn new skills through development programs around the world. Employees are also encouraged to take on challenging and meaningful responsibilities as part of their career development process.

Recent Offerings Include:

Operational Excellence - Using "manage by fact" problem solving, six sigma and continuous improvement workshops, Kaizen events, and our proprietary "M2S" (Maxion Managment System) tool, our experienced Op Ex trainers show employees how to use a consistent problem-solving approach to increase efficiencies in all areas of the company.

Performance Management - We have trained our employees at all of our locations to use a common performance goal-setting and appraisal methodology, which culminates in an individual development plan for each employee.

Local Initiatives

We have created many local training programs based on the needs of our specific locations or business units. Examples include language instruction, health and wellness training, product training and manufacturing on-the-job training.

Management Resource Reviews

Our leadership team conducts annual reviews of our people throughout the company to ensure that we are taking appropriate succession planning steps. We provide opportunities for advancement both locally and on a global basis, depending on the skills of our employees and the needs of the company.