Reduced Rim Thickness (RRT)

One of Maxion Wheels’ latest innovative wheel technologies is REDUCED RIM THICKNESS (RRT) for passenger car aluminum wheels.

RRT is a proven and proprietary optimization process that today removes structurally unnecessary material from the wheel resulting in nominal 2.15mm rim thickness without compromising the robustness or functionality of the wheel. The result, Maxion Wheels is producing the Market’s Most Cost-Competitive Light-Weight Aluminum Wheel meeting the C02 reduction requirements of our customers as well as the automotive market through weight reduction.

The main attributes of this technology are:

  • RRT lightweight aluminium technology optimizes mass reduction in all wheel areas: style, backside and rim
  • RRT produces a lightweight aluminum wheel without a loss in styling, durability or performance for a fraction of the price of flow forming
  • RRT leads to reduction of processing and tooling costs