Military Wheels

The world counts on Maxion Wheels to provide wheels where quality and robustness matter most – the battlefield. Our products have been used exclusively on programs like the HMMWV, and are tested and certified to the most stringent standards to deliver top performance in demanding environments. From low-cost to lightweight, we have the right product to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.


Maxion’s take-apart wheels are the only wheel field tested and field-proven for the U.S. Military’s HMMWV. They are designed to work with radial tires and central tire inflation systems (CTIS), and consist of two formed or fabricated steel halves bolted together, with various runflat devices and a beadlock to secure the tire beads to the rim flanges. Our technical innovations and patented designs allow for increased mobility and vehicle operation at low air pressure, and has been proven dependable on a variety of supply and tactical support vehicles.


Maxion’s tubeless wheels combine the exceptional strength and rugged durability of our commercial vehicle steel wheels with high quality, corrosion-resistant finishes. They are the lightest weight and most reliable wheels in the military market.