Code of Conduct

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

This Code of Conduct presents a set of principles and guidelines that, inspired by Iochpe-Maxions’ vision, mission and values, reflect our organization's expectations in relation to the standards of conduct and ethics in the performance of our activities in the global market.

Our commitment to operate in an ethical, upright and transparent way in all activities related to Iochpe-Maxion, by means of our employees, directors, officers, service providers and suppliers, has been a key element in our business strategy and the development of our business since the company was founded. It is also at the very heart of the way in which we conduct our operations on the global market and plays a key role in strengthening our global leadership in the production of automotive wheels, as well as enabling us to continue to occupy an important position as producers of automotive structural components in the Americas.

For Iochpe-Maxion, compliance means knowing, understanding and enforcing the laws and regulations that govern our business globally, in addition to this Code of Conduct and our internal rules, which were designed in order to ensure our organization's reputation and to preserve the company's assets, as well as to guarantee a good and appropriate relationship with our employees, directors, officers, shareholders, customers, suppliers and service providers, governments and society as a whole.

Iochpe-Maxion Code of Coduct and Hotline Channel work together to indorse the principles and values which guide us throughout our history. The information reported through this tool are independently managed by the Internal Audit department, which has the necessary experience to obtain information in situations like misconduct, fraud, diversion of resources, among others, ensuring the anonymity and confidentiality of received information by website, telephone +55 11 5508 3817 or through the email anytime you wish.

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