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Challenge Description

Iochpe-Maxion and its divisions, Maxion Structural Components and Maxion Wheels are looking for new, innovative solutions that contribute to the reduction of noise and vibration from the wheel/tire combination perceived in the passenger cabin.

The core of this challenge is to propose proven ideas or products that significantly reduce the noise and vibration coming from the road and transmitted to the vehicle cabin interior.


The automotive world is undergoing a major shift between Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) to Electric Vehicles (EVs). This changes the main source of noise for vehicles from the ICE to tire-road interactions at certain vehicle speeds.

Therefore, this challenge is intended to discover new techniques that can lead to a drastic reduction in noise and vibration emitted by the wheel and tire, with the major focus on aluminum wheels.

Key Success Criteria

The proposal should be a solution compatible to the wheel (not the tire only). Previous experiences working with wheel systems is a plus. Specifications include:

  • Air cavity noise – frequencies 150-230Hz;
  • Aluminum wheels;
  • dB Reduction – at least 10 dBs on air cavity;
  • Price: max 10% increase per wheel;
  • Wheel must resist all quality tests.
  • Solution must sustain mounting a tire;
  • Lifetime warranty.

Possible Approaches

Examples of possible approaches include but are not limited to passive approaches such as:

  • Resonators;
  • Damping materials;
  • Novel acoustic solutions.

Approaches not of interest

Theoretical ideas with no experimental support. Stand-alone insights are not enough. The deliverable must be a moderately well-formed idea or concept, excluding: 

  • Active solutions that work with the audio system (such as Active Noise Cancellation systems (ANC)) or any other infotainment component;
  • Modifying wheel natural frequency only with wheel rim or disc adaptations;
  • Solutions only for the tire (e.g. tire foam)

Items to be submitted

The deliverable must be a moderately well-formed idea or concept. Theoretical ideas with no experimental support as well as stand-alone insights should not be submitted.

Responses from startups, companies (small to large), academic researchers, other research institutes, consultants, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, or inventors are welcome.

We are looking for a concise abstract/executive summary. It should provide information on technology performance, background, enabling a future feasibility study.

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