Low-Carbon Steel Truck Wheels Available Today

Reducing the carbon footprint by 65%

Already delivering lower-CO2 steel wheels to fleets, Maxion Wheels is ahead of the curve on carbon footprint savings. By 2025, green product design, sustainable production and responsible sourcing will enable a new generation of green CV steel wheels with a cradle-to-gate carbon footprint that is more than 65% lower than current wheels.

With the company’s ROADMAP ZERO strategy, Maxion Wheels made an early commitment to sustainability leadership and is now delivering CO2 savings in its operations. Comprehensive life cycle data for all Maxion Wheels plants and products guides ROADMAP ZERO and enables the company to model the impact of innovations, investments and sourcing decisions.

Maxion Wheels is the only wheel supplier that is a member of ResponsibleSteel and the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). The company is working with these not-for-profit sustainability organizations to develop the standards and certifications needed to ensure commercial vehicle fleets have access to validated sources of sustainable aluminum and steel.

Responsible Sourcing

Committed to the responsible sourcing, production and use of aluminum and steel, Maxion Wheels became the first wheel manufacturer to join the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) and ResponsibleSteel (RS) not-for-profit sustainability member organizations in August of 2022.

The company produces more than 50 million wheels a year, requiring the purchase of almost one million tons of steel, and some two hundred thousand tons of aluminum.

As a Business category member of RS, we the organization in its work to transform the global steel industry through sustainability standards and certification of the entire supply chain.

As a Full Member in ASI’s Production and Transformation membership class, we oin in the commitment to enhance transparency and due diligence throughout the aluminum supply chain. With certification of ASI’s standards, the company takes the first step to consciously source for aluminum produced with positive environmental, social and governance performance.

Member since 2022.

Member since 2022.

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