We didn't invent the wheel...
just every innovation since.

Maxion Wheels Matter

Since designing the first wooden-spoke wheels for the Model T, Maxion Wheels has been responsible for nearly every major wheel innovation in automotive history. Over the course of the last 100 years, we've grown to serve a worldwide customer base with a diverse and comprehensive product offering. Today, we continue to innovate and add to our core product offerings, while strategically expanding our manufacturing capabilities to match the growth of our customers.

  • 1908

    Clarence Hayes establishes Hayes Wheels and begins Production of Wooden Wheels for the Ford Model T

  • 1909

    John Kelsey and John Herbert establish K.H. Wheel Company

  • 1916

    WK Prudden Wheel Company begins in Lansing, MI

  • 1919

    Lemmerz begins producing wheels in Königswinter, Germany

  • 1920

    WK Prudden Wheel Company becomes Motor Wheel Corporation

  • 1921

    Johan Lemmerz invents a multi-piece removeable rim with 5 screws

  • 1924

    Lemmerz begins production of original equipment disc wheels for Opel Laubfrosch

  • 1926

    First Riveted Spoke Type Wheel - Wire Wheel

  • 1927

    K.H. Wheel and Hayes Wheels Merge to Form Kelsey-Hayes Wheel Company
    Goodyear Tire Company opens steel wheel plant in Akron, OH (Maxion Akron Plant)

  • 1934

    Kelsey-Hayes invents the drop center steel rim wheel that becomes the industry standard

  • 1939

    Lemmerz begins producing wheels square profile wheel discs

  • 1940s

    Kelsey-Hayes produces machine guns and equipment for tanks during World War 2
    Kelsey-Hayes develops die cast of Magnesium Wheel for U.S. Military

  • 1946

    Paul Lemmerz invents a 4 piece pressed high-load square-shoulder rim for commercial vehicles

  • 1947

    Sebastiao Fumagalli founds Fumagalli Company

  • 1955

    Kelsey-Hayes develops the 1st aluminum wheel consisting of a forged aluminum center riveted into a steel rim for the Cadillac El Dorado

  • 1956

    Lemmerz establishes a mill in Konigswinter, Germany for the manufacture of sheet steel, becoming the 1st automotive wheel manufacturer in the world with its own steel supply

  • 1958

    FNV starts wheel production in Cruzeiro, Brazil plant

  • 1959

    Kelsey-Hayes establishes its headquarters at Romulus, MI (former military jet engine plant) and consolidates steel wheel production at new location
    Lemmerz begins production of automotive wheels using the "rivetless" riveting method

  • 1960

    Lemmerz establishes Lemmerz Espanola S.A. (Manresa Plant)
    Kelsey-Hayes introduces the Integral Aluminum Wheel Hub and Rim - Cast Aluminum Wheel

  • 1962

    Kelsey-Hayes supplies Chrome Plated Wire Wheels for Ford Thunderbird
    Lemmerz establishes Lemmerz de Mexico (Tlainepantla, Mexico)

  • 1963

    Motor Wheel introduces Chrome Plated "Hollywood" Construction Wheel
    Kelsey-Hayes introduces full cast aluminum Knock-Off Wheel - Corvette

  • 1964

    Goodyear acquires Motor Wheel Corporation

  • 1966

    Kelsey-Hayes acquires 30% interest in K-H Venezuela, steel wheel manufacturer (Rudeveca)

  • 1968

    Lemmerz establishes Borlem S.A. Empriendimentos Industriais, a joint venture established to manufacture steel wheels in Brazil

  • 1970

    Fumagalli builds Limeira, Brazil Plant
    Motor Wheel introduces Polycast Wheels - styled urethane fascia molded to a steel wheel

  • 1970s

    Introduced "Pierce After" and "SHAPE" Processes for Uniformity

  • 1973

    Rockwell International acquires Fumagalli
    Fruehauf Trailer purchases Kelsey-Hayes
    Lemmerz begins production of commercial vehicle disc wheels with single piece rims

  • 1978

    Kelsey-Hayes introduces first Fabricated Aluminum Wheel - Dodge Monaco
    Kelsey-Hayes opens a steel wheel plant in Sedalia, MO, USA

  • 1980

    Kelsey-Hayes acquires ET Mags, an aftermarket aluminum wheel producer
    Lemmerz begins mass production of automotive disc wheels with sheet aluminum

  • 1981

    Kelsey-Hayes enters joint venture with Nippon Light Metals to produce aluminum wheels in Howell, MI

  • 1984

    Kelsey-Hayes acquires the Western Wheel aluminum wheel business from Rockwell International
    Kelsey-Hayes acquires the K-H de Espana, a Spanish aluminum wheel manufacturer (Barcelona)
    Kelsey-Hayes introduces first Stamped/Spun Disc Aluminum Wheel - Corvette Spare Wheel

  • 1985

    Kelsey-Hayes acquires the Huntington, IN aluminum wheel plant from CMI

  • 1986

    Kelsey-Hayes, Chou Seiki, and Toyota establish joint venture Central Motor Wheel in Paris KY to produce steel wheels
    Kelsey-Hayes introduces first Fabricated Aluminum Bead Seat Attached Wheel
    Motor Wheel introduces 1st Full Face Steel Wheel - Chrysler

  • 1987

    Goodyear sells Motor Wheel to Investment company
    Lemmerz establishes Lemmerz Magna Industries in Collingwood, ONT, CA to produce aluminum wheels
    Kelsey-Hayes introduces first Street Smart Modular (SSM) Wheel with cast aluminum center and fabricated aluminum rim for Corvette

  • 1988

    Motor Wheel introduces first Commercially Available Composite (FRP) Automotive Wheel on Dodge Shelby GT
    Western Wheel and Nippon Light Metal establish joint venture to export aluminum wheels to Japan
    Kelsey-Hayes sells French and Hecht agriculture and off-road wheel business to Titan Wheels

  • 1989

    Varity acquires Kelsey-Hayes

  • 1991

    First Chrome Plated Steel Full Face Wheel - Ford F-150
    First Full Face Cast (FFC) Wheel - Dodge Viper
    Lemmerz acquires Steel Wheels Ltd in U.K. and establishes Lemmerz UK Ltd.
    Lemmerz establishes license agreement with Siam Cement Ltd to produce aluminum wheels in Thailand
    Lemmerz awarded a Steel Innovation Award for a steel wheel with a crossed spoke design

  • 1992

    Fumagalli sells truck and agriculture wheel equipment to FNV (Maxion)
    Kelsey-Hayes develops 1st Cylindrical Reverse Flow Formed Rim
    Hayes Wheels International, Inc the wheel business of Kelsey-Hayes, completes an initial public offering
    Lemmerz establishes Lemmerz Inci A.S., a Turkish steel wheel joint venture
    Lemmerz enters into license agreement with NF-Die, Ltd to produce aluminum wheels in South Africa
    Lemmerz enters into license agreement with Bharat Forge Ltd to produce steel wheels in India

  • 1993

    Hayes Wheels announces construction of an aluminum wheel plant in Gainesville, GA
    Hayes Wheels acquires 45% interest in the steel wheel operations of Nova Hut in Ostrava, Czech Republic and increase ownership to 100% in 1997

  • 1994

    Hayes Wheels introduces first Chrome Clad Full Face Steel Wheel - Ford F-150

  • 1995

    Hayes Wheels introduces first Full Face Fabricated Aluminum Wheel - Ford F-150
    Hayes Wheels acquires 40% interest in a joint venture to produce steel and aluminum wheels in Mexico with DESC
    Lemmerz acquires an interest in Jantas Jant Sanayi A.S., a Turkish steel wheel joint venture

  • 1996

    Hayes Wheels sells ownership in Central Motor Wheel Corp.
    Rockwell Fumagalli launches San Luis Potosi, MX plant
    JL&L Holdings acquires Hayes Wheels and merges operations with Motor Wheel Corporation
    Hayes Wheels introduces first Chrome Clad Cast Aluminum Wheel - Ford Taurus
    Hayes Wheels offers fully Polished Cast Aluminum Wheel - Ford Windstar / Dodge Viper

  • 1997

    Hayes Wheels acquires Lemmerz Holding GmbH to form Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc.
    Rockwell Automotive (including Fumagalli) separates from Rockwell and becomes Meritor
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires the heavy duty hub and drum and medium to heavy duty steel wheel (formerly Budd Wheel) businesses of Bosch Braking Systems Corp.

  • 1998

    Hayes Lemmerz acquires 51% of Automotive Overseas Investments Ltd, the parent company of NF Die Casting in South Africa
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires 100% of Alumitech, a joint venture shared with Asahi Tech and Tomen
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires additional 51.1% of Borlem S.A. Empriendimentos Industriais in Brazil
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires MIN-CER, S.A. de C.V., the largest manufacturer of hubs, drums, and steel wheels for heavy duty trucks in Mexico
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires additional 60% of Kalyani Lemmerz Ltd in India, bringing its ownership to 85%
    Hayes Lemmerz introduces "ALIVE" Protected Valve Truck Wheels in Europe for disc brakes
    Hayes Lemmerz introduces first Wrap Around Chrome Clad Full Face Steel Wheel - GM Silverado
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires assets of GM Warren, MI steel wheel plant after closure by GM

  • 1999

    Hayes Lemmerz develops Full Face Dual Wheels
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires CMI International based in Ferndale, MI
    Hayes Lemmerz moves into new world headquarters in Northville, MI, USA
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires additional 45% of Siam Lemmerz Co., Ltd bringing ownership to 70%
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires Metaal Industries Bergen B.V. in the Netherlands
    Hayes Lemmerz establishes Hayes Lemmerz Alukola, a new aluminum wheel facility in Ostrava, CZ
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires assets of Ford Monroe, MI steel wheel plant after closure by Ford

  • 2000

    Meritor Group merges with Arvin group to form ArvinMeritor
    Hayes Lemmerz introduces "Super Single" Wide Base Truck Wheels
    Fumagalli develops "Integrated" wheel as competition to full face wheels

  • 2001

    Hayes Lemmerz introduction of "Gemtech" Ultrabright Finish
    Hayes Lemmerz sells agriculture and off-road wheel business in Borlem, Brazil plant to Iochpe-Maxion

  • 2002

    Hayes Lemmerz develops "Struktur" / VersaStyle Wheel in Hayes Lemmerz Germany
    Hayes Lemmerz sells the System Service Division which operated tire and wheel assembly operations
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires certain assets of Wheland Foundary which produces Centrifuse commercial highway brake drum castings in Chattanooga, TN
    Hayes Lemmerz sells Schenk foundary in Maulbronn, Germany which produces parts for automotive, motorcycle, and electrical industries

  • 2003

    Hayes Lemmerz begins aluminum wheel expansions in Thailand, Brazil, and Czech Republic facilities
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires majority ownership of Jantas Jant Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., a steel wheel joint venture in Manisa, Turkey
    Hayes Lemmerz sells Reliable Transportation Components, a warehouse serving the RV, utility, and live stock trailer industry
    Hayes Lemmerz introduces NovaChrome chrome plated wheel finish

  • 2004

    ArvinMeritor/Fumagalli develops theSuperSpoke Wheel In Limiera - Dodge Durango
    Hayes Lemmerz acquires Hayes Wheels Aluminio, an aluminum wheel joint venture plant in Chihuahua, MX and sells its 40% interest in Hayes Wheels Acero, S.A. de C.V., a steel wheel facility outside Mexico City, MX
    Hayes Lemmerz forms Turkish aluminum wheel joint venture Jantas Aliminyum Jant Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (a.k.a. Jantas Aluminum Wheels) Hayes Lemmerz owns 40% of the joint venture with operations in Manisa, Turkey
    Hayes Lemmerz announces expansion and reindustrialization of its Gainesville, GA aluminum wheel plant

  • 2005

    Hayes Lemmerz sells its aftermarket brake controller business to Hayes Brake Controller Company
    Hayes Lemmerz sells its Commercial Highway Hub and Drum business, including operations in Berea, KY; Chattanooga, TN; and in Monterey, MX to Precision Partners Holding Co.
    Hayes Lemmerz increases its ownership from 40% to 60% in its Turkish wheel joint venture
    Hayes Lemmerz sells its Equipment and Engineering subsidiary in Au Gres, MI to a group of private investors
    Hayes Lemmerz sells its Cadillac, MI ductile iron components foundry to a group of private investors
    Hayes Lemmerz announces capacity expansion of its commercial vehicle steel wheel facility in Chakan, India

  • 2006

    Hayes Lemmerz sells its Southfield, MI ductile iron components machining facility to a group of private investors
    Hayes Lemmerz enters into a technical license agreement with Tolyatinskiy Zavod Stalnih Kolyos (TZSK) of Togliatti, Russia, a manufacturer of steel wheels

  • 2007

    Hayes Lemmerz sells its aluminum suspension components facilities in Bristol, IN and Montague, MI to Diversified Machine, Inc.
    Hayes Lemmerz completes capacity expansion in Chakan, India and announces groundbreaking of a new passenger car steel wheel facility in India
    Hayes Lemmaerz completes $193M equity rights offering and private placement and related debt restructuring
    Hayes Lemmerz sells MGG Group which produces heat exchangers, intake manifolds, and other cast aluminum components for the European market to ECF Group
    Hayes Lemmerz sells its Wabash, IN and Neuvo Laredo, MX aluminum powertrain components facilities to Harvey Industries

  • 2008

    Iochpe-Maxion announces new commercial vehicle steel wheel plant in Nantong, China

  • 2009

    Iochpe-Maxion acquires Fumagalli from ArvinMeritor
    Hayes Lemmerz introduction of RRT Technology for Aluminum Wheels

  • 2010

    Iochpe-Maxion acquires steel wheel manufacturing facility outside Mexico City from Nugar
    Hayes Lemmerz develops the 4 Bolt/5 Spoke VersaStyle Wheel

  • 2012

    Iochpe-Maxion acquires Hayes Lemmerz and creates Maxion Wheels from Hayes Lemmerz, Maxion, and Fumagalli