Maxion Wheels offers a variety of tubeless wheels. Numerous diameters and widths are available, depending on tire selection and application. Tubeless demountable rims are also available for cast spoke hubs in a range of diameters with systems to meet regional cast spoke hub fastener requirements.


Hub-piloted wheels have a straight-through stud hole and are available in both 8- and 10-hole configurations. They can be used for single- or dual-wheel applications and for steer, drive or trailer axle positions. A single, right-hand threaded, cone lock nut is used on each bolt, rather than the traditional spherical countersinks which require multiple left hand/right hand fasteners. Positive hub piloting and cone lock clamping leads to improved wheel life and simplified maintenance, with no inner wheel nuts to freeze on or to complicate re-torquing.

Stud Piloted

Our stud piloted systems incorporate inner and outer cap nuts so that each wheel is tightened and torqued individually. These wheels are available in standard or heavy-duty stud piloted mountings, based on load capacity.

Wide Base

Our wide base steel wheels deliver significant weight savings when replacing standard dual wheel applications. This reduced weight allows for more revenue producing payload, higher load ratings, and better fuel economy. Dual replacement applications enjoy better road contact with the wider tire, resulting in less tire wear. With less hardware for stud piloted applications, wide base wheels can help lower inventory costs, and are less expensive than comparable aluminum wide base wheels.