A New Level of Styling for Steel Wheels


The VersaStyle product consists of one steel wheel backbone and a styled cap offering various design options, e.g. the bi-color wheel, which has the appearance of cast aluminum with a bright machined surface. In response to its customers’ requests for a steel wheel that can serve as a cost-competitive alternative to a pricier aluminum wheel, Maxion Wheels re-invented the VersaStyle steel wheel, originally launched in 2007, using improved techniques and advanced equipment. Another strong advantage of the re-invented VersaStyle wheel is that it has a direct impact on vehicle fuel efficiency by being up to 8% lighter than a cast aluminum wheel. 

Highlights of the VersaStyle wheel

  •  Multiple styles for vehicles using a single base wheel
  • Higher design flexibility over aluminum with injection mold wheel trim
  • Wide range of multi-paint finishes, appearances and coatings
  • Up to 8% lighter than a cast aluminum wheel 
  • Technology approved with 4-, 5- and 6-bolt holes

*Maxion Wheels’ VersaStyle steel wheel can directly impact vehicle fuel efficiency through weight savings when compared to a highly-styled cast aluminum wheel.