Aluminum Light Vehicle Wheels

With a focus on optimized design and light-weight technologies such as reduced rim thickness, rim burnishing, hollow hump and hollow spoke, we are a world leader in the light-weight wheel market, and we currently supply aluminum passenger car wheels to every major OEM in the world.

Maxion Wheels produces cast aluminum wheels at multiple plants throughout the world. We manufacture a broad range of diameters, and conduct extensive computer modeling during the design phase of each wheel to ensure optimum solidification, load distribution and weight optimization. Our cast aluminum wheels enjoy a high degree of styling flexibility and can be finished with an endless selection of coatings, finishes or claddings.

Aluminum Advantages

  • Versatile styling and finishes
  • Optimized weight for fuel efficiency
  • Quicker concept to production
  • Improved uniformity for better ride
  • Reduced tooling cost
  • Increased stiffness for better handling


Aluminum Products