Career FAQs

Any questions? Here are the answers

If you should have any questions regarding your application or the selection process, we're glad to answer them in our FAQ list below – and if you should have a question that is not properly answered here, feel free to contact us via our contact form

How can I submit my application?

Applications may only be submitted online on the Maxion Job Portal, and only for specific advertised positions. Unfortunately, we cannot accept unsolicited applications or applications which are sent to us by e-mail or regular mail. Thank you for your understanding. 

What documents do I have to submit with my application?

To get better understanding of your knowledge and experiences, uploading a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is mandatory.
Optionally, you can upload additional documents such as: 

  • Cover letter
  • Certificates 
  • Letters of reference from previous employers
What does Maxion`s selection process look like?

Please find detailed information about our selection process here: Maxion Selection Process at a glance

How should I prepare for the face-to-face interviews?

Throughout the personal interview day, you will participate in four interviews, during which we will go into greater detail on previous work experience, your skills and competencies, and your overall fit for the role. Communication style, energy and initiative are also fundamentals we look for during the personal interview sessions. Be prepared to answer questions in a manner that is factual and real-life experience.

Which topics will be covered in the online assessment?

 The online assessment covers topics such as verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning, and gives us some insights into your preferred work behavioral style.

How long does the application process take?

You can follow your application status online and see what is going on. After applying, you will receive a confirmation via a-mail stating that your application has arrived. You may be asked to complete missing information or to provide documents. Once this is done, the selection process then follows the steps according to our Maxion Selection Process.

The length of time is however influenced by a number of factors and varies depending upon the job posting. For example, finding an interview date can sometimes be complicated since many people are involved; or perhaps you have applied immediately after we published the job posting – as a result the process can also take longer. 

Can I submit several applications at once?

If you are interested in more than one job opening, you can submit several applications in parallel.

How will I receive an answer to my application?

Responding promptly to applications is a priority for our HR team. Therefore, we will notify you as soon as we have received your application. However, depending on the number of applications, an initial response may take some time. 

What does the selection process look like?

Having successfully submitted your application documents, they will be forwarded to the responsible recruiter.

Once the application period has closed, the recruiter examines all the applications received and makes an initial shortlist.

If you are on the shortlist, your documents will be forwarded to the specialist department for further examination.

If it is positively received there too, you will be invited for an initial chat. You can view the current status of your application at any time in your online applicant profile.

Learn more about the Maxion Selection Process.

Who can see my applicant profile?

The responsible HR person and the department you have applied to. If you explicitly opt to make your profile available, we will be able to search our database using relevant keywords, and could access your applicant profile in this way, too. 

How long will my applicant profile be stored for?

Your profile will remain in our databases for 6 months after your last login. You will be notified by mail when this period is about to expire. 

Are the positions advertised online up to date?

Yes. All positions advertised on our career pages are current. The job postings are only removed once the positions have been filled. 

Do you also accept applications from recruitment agencies and headhunters?

Recruiters, employment placement agencies or headhunters, including any third party charging a fee, are prohibited from submitting potential candidates through our website and should contact the Human Resources department directly to discuss job postings or potential candidates. 

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