The Maxion people

Wheels move people. People move the world.

We are a diverse, cross-cultural team of more than 10,000 wheels experts – united by six fundamental beliefs and strategically positioned to serve the ever-expanding global transportation market. A collection of incredible people who strive to improve mobility by serving our partners with the most advanced and competitive wheels. 

Get to know some of the Maxion people who are proud ambassadors of our culture and our beliefs, who are driven by what is next – and who move the future on wheels.

Portrait of an employee of Maxion.

Baris Demir

Get to know our Machining Team Supervisor Baris Demir.

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A women who is working as a professional for Maxion.

Sudaporn Rakkantham & Jakub Rušaj

Get to know our Supply Chain Manager Sudaporn Rakkantham and our Foundry Manager Jakub Rušaj.

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A woman with a career at Maxion.

Dani Melchior

Get to know our Plant Manager Dani Melchior.

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A group of experienced men working for Maxion.

Oztan Ozturk, Serdar Ercan & G. Nagraj

Get to know our manufacturing leaders Oztan Ozturk, Serdar Ercan & G. Nagraj

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A man with a career at Maxion.

Terry Crowder

Get to know our Process Leader Terry Crowder.

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Portrait of Paulo Silva.

Paulo Silva

Get to know our IT Analyst Paulo Silva, a former Formare student.

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