We have a voice

Baris Demir

Baris Demir started with Maxion Wheels as a machining engineer five years ago. He says he’s thrived through the mentorship and patience of his manager and colleagues, and was recently promoted to a supervisor position. He feels this is a place where you can get your ideas implemented, and have a role in moving the business forward.

He is proud to be part of a culture where his voice is respected, where his ideas are heard and where he is given every opportunity to succeed. This year, Baris and his work colleagues won the Global Maxion Team Award in the ‘Natural Work Team Production Category.’ In Baris’s home plant in Manisa, Turkey, they were machining 13,000 wheels a day, but Baris and his team believed it could be 15,000.

In this Six Sigma Black Belt project, they proposed seven improvement points in production efficiency. Their process was rigorous – questioning everything and pushing themselves to collect data faster to get to a solution quicker, always working to incorporate new technologies. It paid off. Global production has improved, thanks to one group who wasn’t afraid to be bold. This is the employee voice at work.

“When you compete with other teams, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, you always feel the support behind you. You feel heard.” 

Baris Demir, Machining Team Supervisor

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