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Sudaporn Rakkantham & Jakub Rušaj

Sudaporn Rakkantham brought extensive experience to us, as she had already worked as a Supply Chain Manager, and had several years in Purchasing and Export Marketing.

As well as managing supply chain operations at the plant, she is also an iAdvocate, meeting the daily challenge of helping us build an innovation culture, inspiring her colleagues to think in new ways, and teaching methodology.

Sudaporn, whose plant won the silver award for ‘Best Innovator Plant,’ says, “Innovation is a key success factor in differentiating us and adding value – for every employee and customer.”

“In the innovative culture of the company, I’m always challenged and continually learning new things.”

Sudaporn Rakkantham, Supply Chain Manager

Jakub Rušaj's passion for all things related to automotive engineering led him to three university degrees in technology and design, metallurgy and foundry engineering. At a local Careers Fair, he encountered our student outreach program, and has been on the fast track with Maxion Wheels since then.

Jakub has spent time in Italy and at our Chihuahua plant in Mexico, and has worked with colleagues from Turkey and Germany. He believes this experience helps him see things in new ways. And he’s proud to see how that thinking comes to life on a high-quality vehicle on the street.

As our industry is more dynamic than at any time before, we encourage our people to see change as an opportunity, and embrace it. We want them to apply insights from their work and lives to the needs of our customers and our business. 

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