“You will keep meeting the better you"

Meet Sophia Guo from China

Sophia joined Maxion in 2008—the first and only place she’s ever worked. Today, she’s an integral part of our Human Resources Department, taking charge of local talent development at our plant in Nantong, China. We’re always looking for ways to create a culture of innovation where ideas are freely and openly shared. Sophia is one of the employees making that happen.

We innovate

“Promoting innovation keeps the company dynamic and moving forward,” Sophia Guo says. At Maxion, we involve every employee in our innovation processes, regardless of department or level—not just Engineering. Across HR, Manufacturing, Management, IT, Finance, we believe that having an open, collaborative environment is ideal for staying on the cutting edge.

“We’re always improving our products, our processes, which also helps our employees to improve themselves.”


Sophia Guo, Senior Organization Development Supervisor

In today’s competitive landscape, you’ll get left behind if you aren’t pursuing what’s next. “Keep improving, be open, don't give up easily, and you will be successful,” says Sophia. One way we create a culture of constant innovation is by assigning an innovation champion from each local plant. These individuals have regular meetings in their location, collecting ideas which are then presented to regional and global teams. This supports our belief that transformative ideas can come from anywhere and anybody.

But our culture of innovation isn’t solely about improving our products and processes. It’s also about helping our employees improve themselves. “Here, you will keep meeting the better you,” Sophia says.

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