We live our values

The Formare students

Our conduct, towards each other and the world around us, reflects what we believe. It all starts with core values.

That’s why we place such emphasis on safety and feel responsible for sustaining our environment and the communities around us.  

A group of students trained at Maxion.

Formare is one excellent showcase of our values. Through business partnerships with large and medium-sized companies, the Formare schools help young people from poor families to prepare for the working environment after secondary schooling.

Local Maxion Wheels employees contribute to the teaching of year-long vocational courses. This immersion in a multi-national company gives the teenagers a very different point of view from academic books.

This has become a valued social program, a small but meaningful contribution to the future of Brazil and Mexico. 

Portrait of Paulo Silva from far.

"When I was a kid, I didn’t have family support to invest in my studies or to fight for my future. The Formare school really helped me through that phase. I began to believe I could be like the Maxion employees and volunteers around me. I found my own potential.”

Paulo Silva, IT Analyst

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