We take ownership

Terry Crowder

Terry Crowder manages warehousing and shipping, handling material imported from other plants around the Maxion world. He recently celebrated 30 years of service with us. He is an excellent leader and role model, the kind of guy who will “make sure it happens” – whatever it is. His work on streamlining the shipping process has now been adopted across the company.

Terry serves as a good example of the success of our approach. Through his diligence and the support of his manager and team, he championed a turnaround for inventory and shipping at our Akron plant. Between organizing the warehouse and improvements in staging loads before they ship, efficiency is way up.

What used to take ten people and two shifts now takes five people and one. Today, the benefits of Terry's work are enjoyed at our plants around the world – because Terry saw opportunity for the company, and took ownership.

“The company let me run with things from the beginning – it feels great when I implement a plan and it works. I’d recommend this company for anyone who has initiative.”

Terry Crowder, Process Leader

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