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Oztan Ozturk, Serdar Ercan & G. Nagraj

Oztan Ozturk joined us 24 years ago as a metallurgy engineering graduate. He traveled extensively and met many customers and suppliers. Along the way he earned a Master’s in administration, then moved on to engineering.

Knowing customer relations and quality systems as well as steel, welding and the forming process, his understanding of our business is broad and deep.

A testimonial from the circle of Maxion employees.

“Recently our team was working on a project with the Global Engineering organization. To hit our goals efficiently we divided up all activities and worked out a step-by-step process so that everyone’s work would count." 

Oztan Ozturk, Plant Engineering Manager

Serdar Ercan worked with air compressors, pressure vessels, and elevator design before realizing his ambition to work for a global automotive enterprise. He’s been with us now since 2008.

His main responsibilities are tool design and process development, but he is also our innovation representative at the plant, helping to keep our culture moving forward. 

A male testimonial from the circle of Maxion employees.

G. Nagraj joined us in 1995 as a production engineer. He was on the team which produced the first wheel at the Pune plant, and later as a project manager, he introduced robots to the shop floor.

Driven by safety, quality and productivity, Nagraj is one of several team members sharing their work experience with other plants, including his close support for our Nantong plant in China, helping them to standardize their operational excellence. 

A testimonial from the circle of Maxion employees.

Teamwork is our backbone. We have many sites on every continent around the world, representing a huge pool of knowledge and expertise that’s just a call or video chat away.

Our people learn the value of networking – with colleagues, other departments, and their OEM counterparts.

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