"It takes a team to make the wheel"

Meet Steve Osburn from the US

Steve Osburn joined us in 1995, right out of the Air Force. In the military, playing a specific role as part of a larger unit is vital to achieving the objectives of the overall mission—and the same is true at Maxion. Whether he’s troubleshooting a small problem or sharing a big idea with engineers, Steve involves his team at every step and helps ensure everyone’s working as a single unit.

We work as one

On a daily basis, Steve works with multiple departments and a variety of people – whether it’s team members he’s known for decades or international colleagues he just met on the plant floor. “And each day is a little different,” he says. Maxion takes pride in building a global community where people share a broad and diverse range of viewpoints, and this is something Steve has experienced firsthand. “I've had coworkers on the floor from Peru, Guatemala, Ukraine, and India,” he says. “It's nice to be able to draw influence from many different people.”

As the work gets done, Steve stays in constant communication with people on the line, assessing what’s working and what can be improved. “We try to meet weekly and bounce ideas off of each other,” Steve says. A meeting might only last 15 or 30 minutes, but each one ensures knowledge is being shared and ideas are being heard, because teamwork is the engine of growth.

“No one can do all of this by themselves. It takes the team to make the wheel.”

Steve Osburn, Process Leader

Mission accomplished

At Maxion, the outcome of everyone’s collaboration is seen on roads all over the world — something our employees take a lot of pride in. “You've seen my work, whether you know it or not,” Steve says. “You can go anywhere in the world and see our products. And if I look close enough, I can tell you what group of people made it.”

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