Maxion for a Reason

Six good reasons to join us

Whether you're young talent or an experienced professional, there are always so many employers to choose from. But we're not trying to convince you to join us with bold promises – instead we give you six convincing reasons why you would want to kickstart your career at Maxion Wheels, just like these people did. 

We have a voice

We believe in the power of our people, and the power their voices carry. We challenge and empower one another to engage, to contribute and to make a difference – whether as an individual or as a team. This approach is supported by a high-performing culture that fosters relationships and drives us to strive for continuous improvement and reach outstanding results. Quite simply, it’s the reason why we succeed.

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We drive our own careers

Our global environment creates opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. We reward self-motivation and give support and encouragement to fuel that progress. We include an experiential approach to people development with a robust structure and process that includes training and mentoring to ensure that talent is recognized and continues to differentiate Maxion Wheels as an employer of choice.

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We innovate

We believe the way to move the world better is through innovation, and we continue to increase our emphasis on being a technology and creative leader. Innovation is exciting and challenging, and through connections with our global colleagues and external partners, we develop breakthrough ideas and bring them to reality. This focus delivers value to our company, our customers, and to ourselves.

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We work as one

We are a global community, bringing together a broad and diverse range of viewpoints. This means lean, efficient teams are working with a deep level of shared knowledge and experience to solve problems for our customers. Our people are inclusive and collaborative. Teamwork is the engine of our growth.

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We take ownership

We are all leaders in some aspect, whether our role is focused on process excellence, people leadership, or business management. Our value is the initiative we bring to the company, welcomed in an environment where we take personal responsibility. There is an open invitation to make an impact in any area, and at any level. This is a dynamic culture that promotes leadership qualities and develops leaders.

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We live our values

Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for. Being a part of the Maxion Wheels family means a dedication to results, but always with a commitment to integrity, fairness, and respect for our people and our planet. It is with a sense of pride that we aspire to have the impact of our values reach the communities where we work and live.

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