Training and Development

Taking you to your next level

Your personal growth contributes to the success of our company. Our versatile Training and Development program is tailor-made to bring your individual abilities to full fruition.

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    Discovery Program

    Discovery is Maxion’s career development program for young professionals. Employees in the program are stretched both functionally and geographically with the opportunity to further develop their core discipline and broaden their Maxion Wheels business acumen. The learning format is dynamic with a combination of immersion, personal mentoring, and classic training. Topics such as Communication Across Cultures and Project Management are just a few of the areas covered over the course of 12 months.

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    Emerging Leaders Program

    The Emerging Leaders Program is a leadership development program for supervisors and individual contributors pursuing future leadership positions. The program includes an executive sponsor and is delivered in a blended format featuring in-person and virtual classroom sessions for group and individual learning. Since its launch in 2016, more than 200 people have completed the program.

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    Experienced Leaders Program

    The Experienced Leaders Program is a leadership culture and language program for Senior Managers who are being developed for management. With a Maxion business overview, participants are trained in Maxion’s leadership language ensuring our employee-manager experience is consistent around the world. The course is offered in a blended format featuring in-person and virtual classroom sessions for group and individual learning. Participants from different locations enhance the integration and enrich the experience.

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    Peer Mentoring

    Peer Mentoring ensures that experience, know-how and culture are spread through the entire company. It establishes learning relationships that result in growth, performance and potential for both participants.

  • Technical Academies

    Technical Academies are comprehensive training programs designed to enhance specific technical performance and skill levels by teaching theory, practical application and hands-on trouble shooting practice. Currently our focus is on aluminum technical expertise with both Foundry and Machining Workshops offered.

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