Thinking ahead

We are driven by innovation

Being at the wheel in matters of innovation, improvement and creative ingenuity – that's what drives our entire company, and always did. We're never satisfied with the status quo, we believe in curiosity and bold ideas, and we nurture a company culture of creativity, diversity and independent thinking.

We were among the first automotive Tier Ones to implement a holistic innovation strategy that feeds and propels its advanced engineering work – a strategy with the aim of changing the future of mobility.


  • Pioneering spirit 
    Our pioneering spirit enables us to set new standards for process improvement and quality control – and to invent significant industry innovations.
  • First things first
    The benchmark-setting solutions of Maxion Wheels include:
    The first lightweight steel wheels across the full standard size spectrum, the first 100% run-out gauge, the first powder paint for corrosion resistance and the first hub-piloted and stud-piloted wheels.
  • Heading for tomorrow
    Our entire global workforce is actively involved in our innovation strategy that enables any single employee to learn, challenge and develop. So we're quite sure that one of our engineer teams is already working on a game-changing idea for tomorrow. Because this is how our company rolls.
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    Maxion Wheels shares its Proof of Concept results in additive manufacturing screening software.

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  • MaxSmart: digital data acquisition and control of wheels.

    Senses the road ahead: MaxSmart®

    The ultimate data collector.

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  • Berlin Innovation Hub

    Iochpe-Maxion opens Berlin Innovation Hub office with meet and greet event for Berlin start-up community.

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  • Innovation @ Maxion Wheels

    Get to know our Global iAdvocate Community.

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    We believe in open innovation: agile collaborations that bring together diverse ideas and cultures to discover the new solutions that advance future mobility. Our global scale makes Maxion an ideal partner for start-ups, innovators and academia and research institutes.

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