Connecting roads and data

Inventing the wheel of knowledge

By collecting essential vehicle data at the wheel through our groundbreaking MaxSmart® technology, we are helping trucks and fleets to perform more safely and efficiently.

  • Improving safety and efficiency

    Maxion Wheels and ZF develop the Wheel TAG sensor, the first fully-integrated smart wheel sensor.

  • Introducing the Wheel TAG

    Introducing the Wheel TAG

    An integrated wheel connectivity solution that enhances road safety and decreases costs.

  • True 360° monitoring.

    Driving the data home – with MaxSmart®

    MaxSmart®  is an intelligent, sensor-equipped concept wheel that makes driving safer and more cost-efficient.

    It collects, synthesizes and broadcasts critical pieces of data (load, pressure, temperature, position) in real time to both driver and fleet manager, thus helping to prevent accidents and avoid expensive vehicle repairs.

    Max Smart - A Maxion Wheels Technology.

    “The wheel is an ideal data collector for critical pieces of information. MaxSmart‘s sensor technology captures wheel data and communicates it to the vehicle, driver and fleet.“

    Pieter Klinkers, CEO Maxion Wheels

    Two partners – one true innovation

    Together with ZF, we are currently developing the industry’s first fully-integrated wheel connectivity solution that combines the Maxion Wheels MaxSmart® wheel sensor technology with ZF’s integrated TAG sensor platform.

    Labeled “Wheel TAG”, this durable Bluetooth tag collects a broad range of information (humidity, tire temperature, air pressure, vehicle load, wheel position, speed and vibration across the axes) in real time and wirelessly transmits it to the vehicle’s telematics onboard unit.

    Via the ZF cloud, the data can be read and analyzed via PC, smart devices or sent to a third party system of the customer’s choice. This fully-integrated system can be installed on virtually all kinds of commercial vehicles and even in agricultural machinery. It provides unique, at-first glance insights that enhance road safety and decrease costs.

    Wheel Tag Sensor attached to a Maxion Wheel.

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