Manufacturing Leadership Awards

Scaling Predictive Monitoring Solutions across the Manufacturing Network

The National Association of Manufacturing recognized Maxion Wheels in May for its successful deployment of a highly-successful Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) predictive monitoring solution from one steel wheels plant in the Unites States to another in Germany.

With the goal to reduce unexpected machine failures and drive significant improvements in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), the organization leveraged and applied a successful solution from North America to their manufacturing environment in Königswinter, Germany. By integrating several manufacturing data sources with external vibration sensors and running the data through machine-learning software, the Königswinter team plans to detect potential machine breakdowns and avoid costly failures.

Receiving the 2021 Manufacturing Leadership Award for Industrial Internet of Things, Maxion Wheels’ efforts to leverage and apply the proven industrial IoT solution across the enterprise demonstrates how machine learning and innovative digital networks can improve productivity, operational equipment performance and business competitiveness.


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