Manufacturing Leadership Awards

Lowering Operating Process Costs Helps Aluminum Plant Meet Rising Customer Expectations

The National Association of Manufacturing recognized Maxion Wheels in May for the successful implementation of an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) predictive maintenance project in its light vehicle aluminum wheels plant in Saraburi, Thailand.

Producing two million wheels a year, the Company’s team in Thailand is acutely aware that high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a critical tool in remaining competitive in a highly-competitive market.

Failures in casting machine hydraulics and heaters are the main causes of downtime for the aluminum wheel operation in Thailand. Through the installation of additional high-sensibility sensors and a real-time monitoring system, the team was able to reduce the downtime and improve OEE from 78% to 85%. 

Receiving the 2021 Manufacturing Leadership Award for Operational Excellence, Maxion Wheels’ efforts to reduce downtime and avoid costly machine repairs demonstrates a commitment to using digital technologies with the goal of reducing costs, streamlining processes, reducing waste, improving quality, and enhancing overall equipment effectiveness.


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