The aerodynamic advantage 

A smart wheel design for the challenges of today's industry

Tire rolling resistance and wind resistance (drag) are two major causes of vehicle energy loss, as combustion engines and electric motors must work harder to overcome these forces. In particular, airflow around wheels and in wheel housings can contribute up to 30% of vehicle drag.   

Understanding vehicle aerodynamics and the role a wheel plays in generating drag was the inspiration for our aerodynamic concept wheel design for trucks and buses – a design that tackles one of the industry's toughest challenges: fuel efficiency.  

Image of the Aerowheel product

A concept with style and benefits

Our aerodynamic concept wheel design is focused on reducing CO2 emissions by causing less turbulences in wheelhouses and steering axle hubs which leads to increased vehicle aerodynamics over long distances. The concept design could be customized with different plastic finishings, colors and brandings. 

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