Limeira, Brazil

Inaugurated in 1947, the light vehicle steel wheel plant in Limeira, Brazil today produces up to 13 million wheels every year for major global OEMs such as Fiat Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, and Renault-Nissan. An adjacent new light vehicle aluminum wheel plant opened in 2016, adding three million aluminum wheels in capacity per year to meet the growing demand for passenger car aluminum wheels. 




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Moreover, Limeira houses the Global Engineering Center for light vehicle steel wheels, as well as a Regional Engineering Center for aluminum wheels. Our leading engineering capabilities allow us to deliver highly-optimized products that meet or exceed customers' expectations and overall market demands.

With our vast know-how and experience in product design, simulation, prototyping and testing, we can ensure that our wheel solutions are always delivered to the highest and most stringent standards and specifications. 

Maxion Wheels Brazil in Limeira.

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