Reduced Rim Technology

Less weight, more efficient:

A Proven Technology For Lightweight Aluminum Wheels

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Less is more

A light vehicle weight is a key factor in the reduction of its CO2 emissions – and lighter wheels are 50% more efficient than a reduction of the vehicle weight. That's why we developed the Reduced Rim Technology (RRT): a proven and proprietary optimization process that removes structurally unnecessary material from the wheel without compromising its robustness or functionality.

By reducing the rim thickness to only 2.15mm, RRT enables us to produce the most cost-competitive lightweight aluminum wheel in the market. Good for our customers – and good for our environment.

RRT at a glance 

  • RRT optimizes the mass reduction where it is not needed – backside and rim 
  • RRT produces a lightweight aluminum wheel without a loss in styling, durability or performance 
  • Compared to flow forming, RRT significantly reduces processing and tooling costs 

RRT – a success story all the way

Since the invention of RRT in 2007, we have delivered almost 5 million RRT wheels to our customers, ranging from affordable to mid-class to premium brands.

Light Vehicle Wheels by Maxion Wheels: Alu RRT.

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