Our variety of steel wheels

More than just a wheel

We are the world's largest manufacturer of steel wheels for passenger car, light truck, sport utility and light commercial vehicles with production facilities around the globe. Our advanced engineering capabilities allow us to deliver highly optimized products that meet customers' specifications and overall market demands. With multiple available steel grades and rim flow forming technologies, our products meet or exceed our customers' cost, weight and functionality expectations. 

We offer a wide variety of diameters and widths, as well as conventional, styled drop center, VersaStyle® (high vent), bead seat (semi full face) and full face wheels. Coating and finishes can be adjusted to styling and application needs, including electro-deposition epoxy primers, color acrylic top coats and chrome plated stainless steel or PC/ABS plastic claddings. Prior to coating, we apply an environmentally safe pre-treatment to every wheel for world-class corrosion protection. 

Flow Forming

Flow Forming is a process that decreases the weight of the wheel by reducing material thickness in low stress areas.

During the precision machining process low-stress material areas are targeted and hardened to increase the yield stress without compromising the durability, safety and performance of the wheel. 

Image of an SLV Steel Wheel by Maxion Wheels.

Full Face / Integrated

Our full face design is our most commercially successful product innovation in steel wheel technology. The wheel is constructed by incorporating the curb-side flange into the disc, and then attaching it to the single flange rim with a 360 arc weld.

Our proprietary attachment joint yields the lightest, most mass-efficient steel wheels available in the market, and delivers increased brake clearance as well as a bold appearance. Cladding can also be applied in-house, as part of our production process, for a low-cost, lightweight alternative to chrome. 

Image of an SLV Steel Wheel by Maxion Wheels.

Drop Center

Nobody has produced more well-attached steel wheels than Maxion Wheels. We combine decades of experience with excellence in design and manufacturing to deliver the most mass-efficient drop center designs available.

We also offer a variety of trim and/or color topcoat paint options for excellent cross-platform flexibility. By adding styling to the basic black steel wheel, we can create signature wheels that add visual impact to any car line, as well as excellent cross-platform flexibility.

Styled well-attached steel wheels allow for minimal wheel trim and warranty issues.Our use of materials such as ultra-high strength steel, as well as our new manufacturing technologies, enables us to create ultra-lightweight designs that were not feasible just a few years ago. 

Image of an SLV Steel Wheel by Maxion Wheels.

Bead Seat

By attaching the disc, or wheel center, under the bead seat of the rim we’re able to increase brake clearance and style on any given wheel diameter.

Bead seat steel wheels are an excellent choice when brake clearance precludes the use of drop center steel wheels. We can easily design these wheels for cross-platform usage, allowing our customers to decrease investment costs. 

Image of an SLV Steel Wheel by Maxion Wheels.


Clad wheels are produced by permanently attaching a stainless steel or PC/ABS plastic plate to a steel wheel.

The cladding is frequently chrome-plated, but can also be painted or finished with premium surfaces such as chrome shadow or platinum chrome, delivering a fresh appearance without the need for revalidation.  

Image of an SLV Steel Wheel by Maxion Wheels.

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