Ready to harvest

Wheels for a field day

We offer high quality wheels for agricultural vehicles including tractors, combines and sprayers to perform according to our customers’ needs in the field. All wheels are supplied with an electro-deposition epoxy primer and color acrylic coat - plus, we also offer premium polyurethane top coat in multiple colors. All agricultural wheels are validated for their specific service conditions using our industry-leading field simulation tests.

Keeping the farm rolling

We're offering wheels for the following agricultural vehicles: 

  • Tractor: welded wheels, adjustable wheels (single bracket, double bracket) for tractors of all power capacity 
  • Sprayer: welded wheels up to 46”
  • Combine: welded wheels up to 42” in diameter and 27” of width, with high strength material to support the heaviest machines
  • Planter: welded wheels of all size demanded by the market


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