Built to construct

Wheels that truly move the earth

Our wheels are built to perform in some of the most severe conditions in the construction equipment market. Our expertise in knowing how wheels need to perform, wherever they need to perform, guarantees a wheel designed and built for the job of heavy load material handling and construction applications.

Moving heavy loads

We're offering wheels for the following construction vehicles: 

  • Wheel Loader: Multipiece wheels (14-25 and 17-25), welded wheel 13LRx24 
  • Backhoe Loader: Welded wheels (DW16Lx24, 10x18, 6.75x16.5, W8Lx16) 
  • Grader: Multipiece wheels (10VA-24, 14-25), welded wheel 13LRx24 and 9GRx24
  • Compactor: Welded wheels (DW20x26, W12x24)

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