VW ID.4 GTX Guinness World Record

From Germany to the top of Bolivias's Uturunco volcano

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From Germany to Chile

All packed up and ready to go. In March 2022, the VW ID.4 GTX boards the “Cartagena Express”, leaving the Port of Hamburg and setting sail for San Antonio, Chile.

Arrival in Chile

After seven weeks on sea, the VW ID.4 GTX safely reaches the Port of San Antonio in Chile. Time to unpack! 

From Santiago, Chile to Quetena Chico, Bolivia

Go time! At the end of April, the VW ID.4 GTX sets off on its 2,500-kilometer journey from Santiago, Chile to Quetena Chico, Bolivia. After 10 days, more than 35 hours on the road, and several battery charges along the way, the team arrives at its destination and sets camp at the base of the Uturuncu volcano.

Preparing for the World Record Drive

Over the next few days, the team carefully prepares for the world record drive, including helping the local community to restore an old mining road leading to the Uturuncu volcano.

Reliable, Robust Steel Wheels

The climb to the top can be rough. To keep the VW ID.4 GTX on track, it needs reliable, robust and sustainable steel wheels – made by Maxion Wheels.

Setting a New World Record

Ready, set, go! At 7 a.m., the world record drive begins. 5,800 altitude meters, all-electric, the Uturuncu volcano looming in the distance.

New Guinness World Record

We did it! Our Maxion steel wheels carried the electric VW ID.4 GTX safely to the top of the Uturuncu vulcano, setting a new Guinness World Record for driving to the highest altitude in an all-electric vehicle!

Impressions from the World-record Drive

Along breathtaking landscapes and mountain ranges, we wind our way over rickety bridges, sandy terrain, sharp turns, narrow roads and steep slopes to the summit of Uturuncu Volcano.

Smart Choice for EVs

Our robust, lightweight steel wheels ensure maximum EV range and performance, even in the toughest road conditions.

Did you know?

With six times lower CO2 production than aluminum wheels, our steel wheels offer significant sustainability benefits on the journey to a carbon neutral future.

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Steel as Most Cost-effective and Environmentally-friendly Option

We believe steel wheels play an important role in the shift to zero-carbon mobility as the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly wheel option for future vehicle generations.

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