Forged Aluminum

Maxion Expands CV Product Portfolio to Include Forged Aluminum Wheels

Change and challenge are constants in today’s world. We are living and working with unprecedented change and challenges creating more uncertainty in the marketplace than we’ve ever seen before. Add to that, transportation needs and solutions are evolving at a rapid pace. Maxion must continue to act nimbly and strategically. 

Second Joint Venture with Inci

Aware of the shifting priorities in the commercial vehicle industry, Maxion Wheels is expanding its CV product portfolio to include forged aluminum wheels. This will occur through a joint venture with Maxion’s longtime business partner, Inci Holding.

“We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about this development,” says Pieter Klinkers, CEO of Maxion Wheels. “A commercial vehicle aluminum wheel (CVA) offering was the missing link to our otherwise comprehensive product line. We now offer the full spectrum of light vehicle wheels, as well as steel wheels, aluminum wheels and specialty wheels for commercial vehicles, the true workhorse of the transportation industry.”

For more than 50 years, Maxion Wheels and Inci Holding have been delivering the industry’s highest quality car and truck wheels, Klinkers reminds us. “Working together to add aluminum wheels to our product offering for CVs is a natural next step in our relationship with Inci.” The move will enable Maxion to offer unprecedented choice in truck wheel design and performance to the wide spectrum of truck, trailer, bus, and tanker OEMs.   

“We will install a new, state-of-the-art, CO2-optimized forged aluminum facility to answer the needs of customers who seek multiple wheel solutions to optimize their transportation solutions.”

Pieter Klinkers, CEO, Maxion Wheels

Construction of the new 45,000-square-meter forged aluminum wheels facility will begin this year, with a planned start of production for late 2024. Initial installed capacity is 350,000 forged aluminum wheels annually, with the ability to scale to twice that amount in the years after.

“Serving the truck wheel market is our passion, and we have been doing so for more than 50 years. For Inci Holding to join forces, again, with Maxion Wheels is both an honor and a testament to the power of our collaboration."

Mustafa Zaim, President of the Board of Maxion Inci and Maxion Jantas

The When and Why of Aluminum

Aluminum wheels weigh less than steel ones, hence fitting them can increase maximum payload and improve driving efficiency. And more commercial vehicles are expected to approach maximum payload over the next decade.

As CVs approach max payload, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) advantage of steel over aluminum will lessen. Consider, as well, that the efficiency and payload benefits of aluminum wheels reduce use-phase emissions, which are a focus of CV regulations.

CVs that operate at max payload clearly benefit from CVA. We also believe CVA will gain some tailwind from EV trends. Truck manufacturers seem open to new players and products and appreciate some of the softer benefits independent of TCO.

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