Our recruitment process

Six steps to your new job at Maxion Wheels

You're planning to apply for one of our open job opportunities? Excellent! Take a look at the six steps of our "Maxion Selection Process" so that you know what to expect next. 

  • Your application
    We are convinced that diversity makes our company more successful and more attractive. Therefore, we are looking forward to your application, including your resume, without regard to gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or disabilities. You can find all global career opportunities at our Maxion career page.
    If you are interested in one of our job postings, please click “Apply” and create an applicant account.  
  • Pre-Selection 
    Your application will be reviewed by a HR professional and assessed based on the position requirements and your submitted profile. In addition to your professional qualifications and experiences, we are especially interested in:
    - Your educational background
    - Your commitment e.g. in social endeavors
    - Your intercultural interests or experiences
    - Further education, qualifications, certificates
    - Your technical skills that are related to the job posting
    - Your language skills  
  • Screening Interview 
    If your application is selected, a member of our team will reach out to arrange a first personal, telephone or video conference interview. The “Screening Interview” takes approx. 60 minutes, during which we will provide more details about the role and answer your initial questions.  
  • Assessment 
    Depending on the position you applied for, we might ask you to conduct an online assessment which covers topics such as verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning, and give us some insights into your preferred work behavioral style. 
  • Personal Interview Day 
    If you’re still interested in joining Maxion Wheels and we see a fit at the screening stage, we will invite you to a personal interview day. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better, including it gives you the chance to meet potential colleagues and get first insights into Maxion´s culture and working environment.
    Throughout the day you will participate in four interviews, during which we will go into greater detail on previous work experience, your skills and competencies, and your overall fit for the role. Communication style, energy and initiative are also fundamentals we look for during the personal interview sessions. And of course, there will be enough time for you to ask your questions. 
  • Job Offer 
    If we think you would be successful at Maxion Wheels, we will contact you via phone as soon as possible to discuss the terms of your job offer. Afterwards, you will receive written documentation that includes the complete details of your job offer and instructions to confirm your acceptance. Your recruiter will be available to answer any questions or further requests you may have to finalize the recruitment process and plan for your start at Maxion!
    If you are not selected, our recruiter will share this information with you as a professional courtesy and in acknowledgement of your time and interest in Maxion Wheels. We will keep your resume in our database for a short period of time in case it matches other future opportunities. You can always request your personal information be removed from our database by sending an e-mail to our team.  

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