Future of Mobility

Urban applications require a new wheel - or do they?

Maxion Wheels’ understanding of industry dynamics and future trends informs its current, advanced product portfolio. We are working closely with our customers and industry partners to address how vehicles and systems are changing, and what will be necessary for wheels to continue to perform as a critical safety component.

Urbanisation is influencing how people and goods move around the world. With short driving distances and the heavy use of buses, electrification will flourish.

Specifically, the challenge in the “last mile” of delivery, as more and more goods move between the warehouse and front door. Working with several new vehicle manufacturers who are looking to reengineer this mode of transportation, Maxion Wheels is helping to enable the right future technologies, while avoiding an over-engineering of the wheel.

A picture that demonstrates fuel efficiency.

Saving fuel and costs

Our innovative technologies for fuel-efficient vehicles.

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Transforming wheel designs

Discover our new solutions for tomorrow's transportation.

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Symbol Image: Digitization of Mobility.

We are thinking digital

Our digital transformation offers new opportunities and new potentials.

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Connecting roads and data

By collecting essential vehicle data, we help trucks and fleets to perform more safely and efficiently.

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