"Opportunities for your career and personal growth"

Meet Francesca Violetti from Italy

Today, Francesca Violetti heads up program management for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia—a career journey that’s taken a long and winding road. Since 2000, when she first joined the company, Francesca has worked in Sales, Engineering, and Customer Engagement, where she built a global perspective and learned from a diverse range of people along the way. 

We drive our own careers

When Francesca joined Maxion, she was pleasantly surprised by the amount of responsibility she was given. Even at a young age, managers showed trust in Francesca, providing her the confidence to advance and work in different departments. This experience was invaluable, and something she recommends for others, especially early on. “At the beginning, it's very important to try different areas, because it gives you a broader view of the business,” Francesca says.

At Maxion, every employee has a formal Development Plan, which fosters a partnership with their managers. “You have many moments where you look at performance and goals,” Francesca says. Doing this helped open new doors for her—opportunities that she believes wouldn’t have been given at another company. “To me, that was the most useful thing that I had in my career in terms of growth, because changing areas really challenges you,” she adds.

“At Maxion, you really have opportunities for both your career and personal growth. That’s one of the greatest benefits of having such a big company that allows you to change functions.”

Francesca Violetti, Head of Program Management Central Engineering, Aluminum

Learning globally

Ultimately, Francesca was the one driving her career, but she felt supported all the way. Managers rewarded Francesca’s self-motivation and mentoring was always available when she needed it. “There was a very strong group of people behind me,” she says. “And they helped me a lot.”

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