Digital transfor­mation

Thinking digital

Digital transformation is very much the buzzword of the moment with seemingly every company undertaking some project to transform its business using digital technology. At Maxion Wheels our digital journey's compass is set on the quality and safety of our products through product development and business process improvements. The company’s digital transformation is not only about implementing new technologies, but also about the strategy, governance and culture that ensures the investment and efforts translate into business speed, agility and flexibility. 

“Digitalization is already transforming the manufacturing industry and will continue to do so because of the potential benefits – reduced downtime, improved operational efficiency, and lower operational costs. We want to harness all these potentials.”

Esteban Remecz, Chief Information Officer

Our digital journey

Our digital transformation is a journey that will offer new opportunities but, to be frank, also pose some challenges. It starts by understanding what our businesses need to improve so that we can define the right projects and set the right priorities. Confirmed digitalization projects will run in parallel with our existing business so that we can keep our current metrics and KPIs while developing new skills, products, processes and even businesses.

Digital Leadership

Increasing Efficiency with Digital Twin Technology

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The tools of our digital trade

Get to know some processes, systems and applications that we trust for our digital transformation.

  • Additive Manufacturing 3D printing of spare parts, prototypes and even products 
  • Advanced HMI Intelligent systems that can interact with humans through speech and text 
  • Artificial Intelligence Datasets mined for business opportunities, faster decision making and more autonomous processes
  • Big Data Collection and analysis of large datasets 
  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure, software and platform provided as an elastic and scalable service
  • Location Detection Wireless item identification provides traceability, machine integrations and a base for autonomous processes 

Learn more about our digital transformation – download our digitalization whitepapers

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