"We will change the future of the company”

Meet Yannis Bilal from Germany

Since joining Maxion in 2020, Yannis Bilal has been responsible for Operational Excellence (OPEX) activities at the Königswinter plant in Germany. Between planning, execution, implementation and identifying improvements as the team lead, Yannis sees the countless moving parts of a project, and is proud to be part of a culture where his voice is always heard.   


We have a voice

At Maxion, every voice matters. We believe ideas and improvements can come from anywhere, which is why we empower one another to engage and contribute. One of the voices belongs to Yannis Bilal. “There is always the opportunity to have a direct exchange with the top management,” he says. “There’s a trust that what we are presenting will change the future of the company.”

When everyone has a voice, relationships are strengthened, and continuous improvement is achieved. This is something Yannis experiences every day with the team he manages. “We have regular exchanges on all kinds of topics—to share best practices, to share experiences, and also to ask for support,” he says. “It could be something technical, or resources needed. If we are facing any kind of issue, we are never alone.”

Shaping the future

Many of Maxion’s most meaningful innovations exist because employees are invited to speak up and make their ideas heard. In his time with Maxion, Yannis has seen the tangible outcome – the outstanding results – of his and his team’s contributions. “I can see something move forward and know it’s because of my analysis,” he says. “We try to organize as many continuous improvement workshops as possible in the factory with managers, technicians, engineers, or operators, combining all the ideas we have in the plant and then bringing them to life.”

“It’s great being part of decisions and making a direct impact on the development of the company.”

Yannis Bilal, OpEx Manager

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