"The opportunities are endless"

Meet Amrita Varma from India

At Maxion Wheels, we believe in acting, not simply reacting. That’s why, instead of just managing employees, we empower them to take initiative and control—across every role and region. If you need an example, look no further than Amrita Varma, one of our rising stars in India.

We take ownership

As a manager for Employee Health and Safety (EHS), Amrita leads the development and implementation of our health and safety programs in our new passenger car aluminum wheels plant in Pune, India. “It comes with a huge responsibility,” she says.

If there’s any place where taking ownership is important, it’s health and safety. Everyone at Maxion Wheels looks out for themselves and each other, and if a risk is present at her plant, Amrita steps in, “because it not only affects that person, but also their family,” she says. And just as leaders have empowered Amrita, she empowers the team around her. “If you see something wrong, stop it right away,” she tells them. “Don't wait for me.”

The power of trust

The fundamental importance of personal accountability expands across every function of the organization—teamwork, innovation, customer service, etc.—and it all comes down to trust. Our management puts great trust in our people, “and that gives me a great pride,” Amrita says. “I work really hard to match up to their expectation.”


“I see a huge career opportunity for myself and also the people around me. The opportunities are endless.”

Amrita Varma. EHS Supervisor

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