Maxion BIONIC Redefines Size and Design Limitations

New steel wheel concept delivers a low CO2 footprint

By applying bionic engineering, the study of structural methods and systems found in nature, Maxion Wheels has redefined the size and design boundaries of steel wheels.

Developed by teams in Brazil, Mexico, United States, and Germany, Maxion BIONIC answers the growing demand from OEMs for large diameter, sustainable and styled wheels capable of carrying increasing vehicle loads.

“Maxion BIONIC is the new alternative for those OEMs interested in larger size wheels and who don’t want to compromise on design and sustainability.”

“We know electric vehicles, especially, require more from the wheel with emphasis on stiffness, weight, and aerodynamics. Maxion BIONIC is a new innovation that combines style and large diameter wheels with an inherent low CO2 footprint.”

Pieter Klinkers, Chief Executive Officer, Maxion Wheels

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