“Everyone respects each other"

Meet Iraci Pereira from Brazil

Iraci Pereira started her career at Maxion in 2006 as an administrative intern through the local youth employment program, CAMPL, in the maintenance area. In 2008, she took on more responsibility as a Maintenance Programmer. But it’s not just the job that keeps Iraci engaged and excited. It’s also the values that drive the entire organization.

We live our values

Our conduct, towards each other and the world around us, reflects what we believe. It all starts with core values. Together, we are committed to sustaining our environment and caring for the communities and people around us. Iraci Pereira has seen, felt, and adopted these values for herself. “At Maxion, people matter,” she says. “Everyone respects each other.”

At Maxion, we are all human beings who deserve to be heard, respected and included. This level of inclusion is something Iraci has felt since she arrived at Maxion. “The company supports everyone to become more—and shows us that we have the power to make important decisions,” Iraci says. “Maxion also creates opportunities for people with disabilities and offers development for all people, regardless of their position.”

“At Maxion, people matter. Our company is committed to all employees, and believes in our potential, making everyone feel part of the team.”

Iraci Pereira, Maintenance Planner

Caring for communities

One excellent showcase of our values is a social program called Formare. Through business partnerships with large and medium-sized companies, the Formare schools help young people from poor families to prepare for the working environment after secondary schooling. This has become a valued social program, a small but meaningful contribution to the future of Brazil and Mexico—and Iraci herself was a beneficiary of the program. “Formare showed me that it is possible to learn by teaching,” she says.

Our values can also be seen in efforts that go beyond Formare. “Maxion has a huge impact on the community,” Iraci says. “In Limeira, we generate employment and give many young apprentices their first job opportunity,” she says. “We also purchase local products, supporting the local economy.”

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