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2020 Global Maxion Team Awards

First-Ever Live Zoom Call

Congratulations to this year’s class of Global Maxion Team Award (MTA) winners, announced on May 18, 2020, during the annual Global MTA recognition program.

From an award program that begins at the plant level and moves up through each region, the Global MTA is the pinnacle moment when a total of 15 teams and nominated innovators will compete for the annual prize.

While the COVID-19 pandemic prevented Maxion Wheels from hosting the annual in-person event, it did not prevent the company from recognizing and celebrating this year’s winners for their best-in-class continuous improvement, operational excellence and innovation accomplishments.

Capitalizing on its digital competence, the company moved the prestigious program online to ensure this year’s winner received their rightful moment in the spotlight. More than 100 Maxion Wheels employees joined the Zoom call to learn which regional MTA award-winning teams were crowned the global winners, and the 2020 Global MTA winners are:

Best 2020 OPEX Multifunctional Teams

First Place:  INC – Rim Flow Forming, optimized rim flow forming line.

Second Place:  CHI – Aluminium Savings Dimension, reduced the weight of new aluminum wheels.  

Third Place:  CRZ – Production & OEE Increase, improved material preparation for the truck blank disc cell.


Best 2020 Natural Work Teams (NWT) Support & Administrative

First Place:  LMS – Production Plan & Control, improved WIP and batch Days on Hand inventory, in addition to impactful voice of the customer actions, including speed labs, safety mapping and cost reductions

Second Place:  SLP – Industrial Engineering, improved the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), 5S workplace organization, productivity, changeovers and safety indicators 

Third Place:  JOH – Wheel D&A String, improved X-ray scrap working with DataProphet machine-learning software technology


Best Natural Work Teams (NWT) Production

First Place:  JAW – Liquid Metal Express, eliminated all metal loading stoppages and casting ratios at critical levels, in addition to reducing oxide scrap and safety issues which can be replicated in many of our other aluminium plants in the future

Second Place:  SED – Finishing Paint Technicians, improved scrap, rework and safety, while also developing several innovation ideas and achieving significant cost reduction savings in your area

Third Place:  SAN – Low Pressure Foundry 1st Shift, improved setup time, shrinkage scrap, OEE and safety, while also creating two innovation ideas


Innovators of the Year

Maximiliano Carron from our LMA plant in Brazil for a different bright machining process, resulting in a significant cost-effective and efficient alternative, thereby reducing costs and improving productivity. 

Even though we were unable to bring our teams together for the award ceremony, sharing of best practices and lessons learned, and exchanging experiences, we celebrate the 2020 MTA teamwork spirit that continues to drive our continuous improvement culture.



Frankfurt, Germany, September 10 – 22, 2019

Wheels and innovations showcased were:  

“By partnering with ZF OPENMATICS we combine our wheel leadership with their intelligent sensing and telematics expertise to offer an integrated mechanical and sensing solution that will help prevent potentially dangerous and costly tire and wheel-end failures, as well as, provide drivers and fleet managers with critical vehicle performance data needed to optimize their business,” said Pieter Klinkers, Chief Executive Officer, Maxion Wheels. 

Wheel Tag Sensor attached to a Maxion Wheel.

Congresso SAE 2019

Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 14 - 18, 2019

Iochpe-Maxion participated in Latin America’s largest truck trade fair – the Congresso SAE 2019, from October 14-18, 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The company featured its Maxion-branded wheels and structural components, showcasing current product offerings and the latest concepts, materials and technologies for this important market. 

The event also included Fenatran, the most important road freight transport show in Latin America. The fairs sold out its 150,000 square meters of exhibition and test drive spaces with a total of 400+ exhibitors demonstrating their latest products and technologies. 

Maxion Wheels at SAE Brazil

North American Commercial Vehicle Show 2019

Atlanta, Georgia, October 28 – 31, 2019

Maxion Wheels tackles truck industry challenges with new wheels debuting at North American Commercial Vehicle Show 2019. 


Wheels and innovations on display:  

“We understand the pain our truck customers experience as the complexities and costs to operate truck fleets in North America continue to climb,” said Don Polk, president of Maxion Wheels’ Americas business.

“For many, the wheel may not be an obvious solution to address emissions, safety and connectivity challenges, but I assure you that’s not the case. During Maxion Wheels’ NACV press conference on Oct. 29, we will share several product breakthroughs designed to tackle these challenges with cost-effective, robust wheel solutions for the North American commercial vehicle market.”   

Maxion Wheels Teaser for the North American Commercial Vehicle Show.