Light weightfor heavy workers

Less weight, less fuel

Weighing only 34 kilograms, our GEN34 22,5" x 9.0" steel wheel is the lightest steel wheel for truck OEMs in the market since its introduction in 2017.

GEN34 is a real game-changer – through sophisticated design and global manufacturing techniques, this wheel weighs significantly less than its predecessors without sacrificing either reliability or durability.

And a lighter truck means less fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emissions, which meets the regulations of environmental authorities around the globe.

Evolution in light weight commercial vehicle wheels

Graphic showing the weight reduction of commercial vehical steel wheels by Maxion Wheels.

A history in light years

Since 1995, we have consistently offered our customers the industry's lightest commercial vehicle steel wheel in the market. And we aim to continue this history with a wheel that weighs 30 kilograms or even less.

Disc wheels for European commercial vehicles since 1919

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