We believe in open innovation: agile collaborations that bring together diverse ideas and cultures to discover the new solutions that advance future mobility. Our global scale makes Maxion an ideal partner for start-ups, innovators and academia and research institutes.

Our innovation focuses on adding value to new mobility solutions. Our open innovation ecosystem extends far beyond the hardware – together with our partners we are developing business processes and models, as well as, digital environments where future Maxion technologies and services will operate.

"We see partnerships and collaboration as the greatest source of opportunity and the main drivers of change – open collaboration is at the heart of every successful Maxion innovation.”

Pieter Klinkers, Chief Executive Officer of Maxion Wheels
  • Built to withstand the toughest road conditions

    Developed in a collaboration between Michelin and Maxion Wheels, ACORUS keeps drivers and passengers safe by absorbing and dramatically reducing impact and vibrations from potholes or road hazards.

  • A true partnership

    A true partnership

    “Our innovation work with Maxion pools our knowledge, skill and experience to produce the world’s most cost-effective, lightweight aluminum wheel. We’re excited about the prospects.” – Walid Al Attar, Chief Commercial Officer Emirates Global

  • Mobility for tomorrow

    Together with REE, we will develop and manufacturer an exclusive wheel design and chassis solution for the Israeli start-up's revolutionary corner modules and electric vehicle platform.

  • Wheels for future driverless vehicle concepts

    Wheels for future driverless vehicle concepts

    “Our collaboration reflects the important role wheels play in sustainable future mobility. Our work together looks at lightweight, aerodynamics and making wheels smarter.” – Professor Lutz Eckstein, Director of the Institute for Automotive Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Germany

    “To meet our mobility and sustainability challenges, we need ideas, know-how and human interaction. Maxion’s innovation ecosystem ensures that our curiosity and expertise deliver breakthrough technology solutions.”

    Kai Kronenberg, Vice President, Global Business Development & Innovation at Maxion Wheels


    Maxion Wheels is the world’s leading wheel designer and producer. As the range and diversity of mobility solutions increases, Maxion’s technology leadership ensures the company remains an integral part of this dynamic process.

    Advances in the fundamentals of mobility are essential and require open collaborations that build bridges between organizations.

    Working with innovators around the world, we back technologies with disruptive potential and ideas that will make next-generation vehicles lighter, more efficient and more affordable.

    Partnerships with speed and scale

    Working together, good ideas evolve faster. The Maxion Advanced Technologies (MAT) hub in Berlin is just one way we are growing our ecosystem of innovation partners in key mobility hotspots in Europe and around the world.

    MAT enables Maxion Wheels to collaborate at speed with start-ups on proof of concepts and feasibility studies – and leverages our global scale with investment opportunities and connections with potential customers.

    Our innovation ecosystem is always growing and evolving. We welcome new opportunities to develop our network of partnerships and broaden our knowledge.

    Open horizons

    At Maxion, diversity and inclusion are integral to our culture and our commitment to innovation. Maxion is a place where people can be open and confident about sharing their ideas. Our global operations and our innovation ecosystem bring together people with different backgrounds, outlooks and experiences.

    Maxion works with a broad ecosystem of start-ups, innovators, academia and corporates on innovations that bring more functionality, flexibility and intelligence to mobility.

    From technologies to make future vehicles lighter, more efficient or lower cost, to data-driven digital solutions for electric and autonomous fleets, ideas big and small are set in motion with Maxion. Talk to us.

    “Innovation thrives on dialogue. In a fast-changing, connected mobility market, collaboration is the most effective way to develop new technologies and business models.”

    Dr. Saul Reichman, Head of Maxion Advanced Technologies and Global Director of Innovation & Corporate Venturing at Maxion Wheels



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